Transit Venus in Virgo

Venus will enter Virgo on the 21st of August. Venus represents areas of life such as, relationships, love, beauty, harmony, value and finances. It will continue its journey in Virgo until September 14th. During this transit, Venus may not be able to shine at its brightest since Virgo’s compatibility with the energy of Venus is notoriously low. 

Virgo rules work, the analytical mind, sense of servitude, organization and planning. Thus, Virgo’s energy seeks perfection and an exemplary attention to detail while concentrating on flaws. In this period, imperfections can become more prominent and relationships can create restlessness and unease. You may observe love logically in a search for perfection instead of feeling and experiencing the energy of love. You may also search for rational ideas and feel compelled to engage with ‘realistic’ relationships. You may encourage yourself and those around you to focus on the socio-economic, status-driven and financial compatibility of the partnerships around you. You may also urge your loved ones to let go of bad habits, cleanse and plan their lives. Try not to be too critical toward your loved ones during that period.  

Venus’ restrained energy in Virgo may create certain sexual taboos in relationships, which may lead to a conservative and close mindset. You may shake off certain delusions, and may even feel like love itself is a delusion while focusing on the rules. Labor and time can become very important in this period for relationships, which may result in a way of expressing love by serving, criticizing and making time. 

Since Venus also rules finances, you can easily control your money with planning and coming up with the right strategy. Try to use this time to make plans for increasing your income and to think about new business endeavors. As Virgo also rules the sense of purity and the need for cleansing, you may donate or give away the clothes you no longer wear. This period is perfect for a detox or making the decision to quit bad habits such as smoking. Since Virgo focuses on the body rather than the soul, you may start to heal your body and engage with sports. 

Check your natal chart and find out which house (and area of life) is ruled by Virgo as that area will be specifically affected by Venus’ transit and its aspects for three weeks. Everyone will experience this travel in different areas of their lives. 

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