Transit Venus in Gemini

The planet of love and value, Venus will enter Gemini on the 9th of June. It will travel through Gemini until the 2nd of July. Venus symbolises love, beauty, relationships, aesthetics, harmony, value and financials. Gemini is about communication, talents, abilities, travel, inconsistency, intellect, learning, self-expression and the mind. When Venus enters Gemini, it will blend with Gemini’s mental energy.

 In this period, socialisation and the need to communicate in relationships will increase. Sharing any information can be very important and intense. There can also be a strong desire to escape from emotional responsibilities. The search for intelligence and talent in partners can be at forefront. Your physical beauty may not be as important as your mental power. If you want to attract someone, you should display your talents and act smart. Since Gemini is associated with inconsistency and indecision, you can lose interest in someone you like in a day. Be careful with commitments and promises. Also, flirting will increase in intimate relationships. Little love chit chats can save the day. 

If you are starting a new relationship, then it will most likely be about mental harmony, in fact you may not have deep feelings for the other person or you might avoid getting attached or taking emotional responsibility. If you are already in a healthy relationship, sharing information can be very important in this period.

Venus also rules finance. Your expenses can increase. Gemini can be messy sometimes, so be careful about your expenses. Check your budget, when you are spending money. You may also spend money on travel. You may buy books and magazines that are about short trips, other cultures or any new information. It is a good time to spend money on activities that can be related to mental development.

Venus in Gemini is a truly lively period. You should take advantage from this energy, learn anything that can stimulate you. You may feel good if you share what you have learnt with loved ones. Because your emotions will not be at forefront in relationships, you may observe problems objectively and find rational solutions. Check your natal charts and find where Gemini is located. Venus’s energy will effect that area. Every person will experience Venus’s travel in different areas of their lives. You can have a consultation about this transit and learn how will it effect you personally. 

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