Transit Venus in Capricorn

Venus will enter Capricorn on the 26th of November. Venus represents areas of life such as, relationships, love, beauty, harmony, value and finances. It will continue its journey in Capricorn until December 20th.

In this period, Venus’s energy will resemble the characteristics of pragmatic and logical Capricorn. This transit make you take your relationships to the next level and make things serious. If you are starting a new relationship, intellectual compatibility and respect may be at the forefront. If you have a healthy relationship, you may work on frictions and find logical, lasting solutions to make it stronger. Your search for financial security and prestige in a romantic partner may affect your decisions. Alternatively, you may feel the need to control your partners. Capricious behavior or adopting a sassy attitude may irreparably harm your relationships. Instead, you may find yourself drawn from romance, Rational and logical steps may be favored as opposed to a complete reliance on feelings and romance. Respect will be key to all relationships during this transit. Venus also rules finances. You may be tempted to track expenditures and take charge in budgetary matters. You may also focus on balancing your income and spending, or seeking professional financial advice. As Capricorn rules respect and authority, you may have close encounters with authority figures, specialists or people you consider to have greater wisdom. Financial autonomy will be very important to you during this transit. In this period, you will experience love through trust, respect, stability and durability. 

Check your natal chart and find out which house (and area of life) is ruled by Capricorn since that area will be specifically affected by Venus’s transit and its aspects with other planets for the next three weeks. Everyone will experience this energy in different areas of their lives. Venus’s peaceful and pleasant energy can have a positive influence in the area of your Chart that is ruled by Capricorn.

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