Transit Venus in Cancer

The planet of love and value, Venus is entering Cancer on the 3rd of July. It will travel in Cancer until 28th of July. Venus rules matters of love, relationships, aesthetics, beauty, harmony, sense of value, and financial issues. Venus will resemble its energy to Cancer. Cancer is related with issues such as maternity, love, addiction, family, kindness, compassion and domestic issues. 

When Venus travels in Cancer, affections to people and goods will increase. Emotional needs will rise. The need for protection and trust in relationships will also increase. This period may also soften your relationship with your family, especially with your mother. You may want to spend more time with family members. You may prefer to spend time in home environments rather than being outside with your loved ones. Home environments will be safer and more enjoyable for you during this time. Learn to love and care for yourself and people around you. 

Watch out motherlike behavior and addictions in any kind of relationship. When the obsessive energy of Cancer (which is also related with the past issues) is combined with addiction, there can be difficulties in relationships. Instead of these challenges, you should first, focus on loving yourself. If you apply your motherlike instincts in yourself, feed and grow yourself first, your relationships may grow healthier. 

Venus rules all the financials, so with the Cancer energy, you can save money easily. Cancer needs financial security, so it does not prefer to dispend money and it makes saving easier. You can easily start to save money. Also, you may be spending the money on your home needs, family and domestic goods. During this period, spending money for marriage, moving your house and buying decorative goods can be quite enjoyable. But please do not forget that Mercury is retrograding, so if you are planning to buy luxury goods and electronics to your living environments, make sure to check on them. Try to fix your broken domestic electronics, instead of buying new ones.

In medical astrology, Cancer rules breasts, chest area and stomach. Venus is about beauty and aesthetics. In this period, reconstructive surgeries may increase, especially for breasts and stomach. Try to check on the dates if you are having a plastic surgery. 

Venus in Cancer is a truly caring period. Take advantage from this energy. Use it to care for your inner child. Care for your loved ones and spend more time with your family. Check your natal charts and find out where Cancer is located. Venus’s energy will affect that area. Venus is a love planet. Try to nourish yourself and love yourself. Every person will experience Venus’s travel in different areas of their lives. You can have a consultation about this transit and learn how will it effect you personally. 

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