Transit Mercury in Libra

The planet of communication and self-expression, Mercury will enter Libra on the 14th of September, it will remain in Libra until October 8th. Mercury rules matters of communication, travel, decisions, abilities, the intellectual mind, correspondence, education, advertising, trade, publishing and intelligence. When Mercury enters Libra, its energy will resemble the the characteristics of Libra, thus, mental activities will blend with Libra’s energy.

In this period, all communication will become harmonious, balanced, polite and peaceful. The sweet, accommodating energy of Libra will blend with Mercury’s strong verbal communication skills. You can easily attract people with your tender and kind voice. The written word will shift from offensive to consolidating. You will come to agreements, which benefit all parties greatly while avoiding tough negotiations and tensions. It is a great time to more forward in areas of trade and marketing. Fashion, art, legal matters, equality and justice will also find their way into your day-to-day conversations. It is a great time to bury the hatchet or to play the mediator for the people around you. During this transit, you will truly understand points of view that are different from your own, and find common ground with the people around you. It is certainly a great time to take a leap of faith in relationships. You can get engaged, married, or start a strong personal or professional partnership. 

You may also focus on artistic and aesthetic endeavors such as painting, sculpture, fashion, cosmetics or decorations and decide to take classes or get professionally involved in these areas. You may also start reading more about Libra themes such as relationships, justice, rights, legal matters, decorations, fashion and art.

Mercury’s travel in Libra might also create instability and indecision. Libra promotes beauty and harmony as well as uncertainty and indecision, which can lead to serious problems in relationships. You may have a hard time deciding on important issues and get caught in the middle. Slow progress and indecision can be tiring for you. Libra’s diplomatic energy can make it hard for you to take sides and stand your ground. Your compulsion to make everyone happy may be quite harmful in the long run and may be perceived as insincere. Try to avoid obsessing over injustice. Trying to please everyone to avoid tensions might prevent you from giving your honest opinion. You may feel compelled to give up on your ideas just to be appreciated and loved. Try to balance these energies by being yourself and do not hide from the truth. 

Check your natal charts too see which house is ruled by Libra since Mercury’s travel in this sign will affect that aspect of your life. Every person will experience this transit differently under different aspects and placements. You can have a consultation about Mercury’s travel in Libra and how will it effect you personally.

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