Transit Mercury in Leo

The planet of communication and self-expression, Mercury is entering Leo on the 27th of June. It will travel in Leo until the 19th of July then it will retrograde back to Cancer and go back to Leo again on the 12th of August to remain there until August 29th. Mercury rules matters of communication, travel, decisions, abilities and intelligence.

Leo energy symbolizes, ego, luxury, showing off, fun, joy, children, pride, leadership, arrogance, generosity. In this period, self-expression will show itself in Leo manners. Self-expression will blend with Leo’s ego. In this period, the words may come off as exaggerated, just to keep people entertained. The ideas can be very generous. You can easily affect people with your energy-packed conversations. 

In this period, sociable, amusing and creative ideas will increase. You may see great advertisements since it will be a very creative period for all the agreements. Leo also represents children, so with this energy, kindergartens and environments with kids may gain importance. Writing screenplays, children’s books or dramas may expand consciousness. Leo also rules fame and celebrities. With Mercury’s energy around, you may catch quite interesting pieces from the paparazzi. Mercury also symbolizes sales, which  may lead to many luxury purchases while the planet is traveling through Leo. You may be tempted to shop for smart phones, laptops, brand new cars and many other expensive goods.Try not to go over and beyond with such purchases especially while Mercury goes retrograde in Leo in early July. (Take a look at detailed retrograde post in Leo). You may also want to buy books about luxury, children and hobbies. 

Since Leo is a fixed sign, your thoughts during this time can be fixed as well. You may not be very changeable whilst Mercury is in Leo. In this period, all matters related to communication including language may be dominated by ego and arrogance. If your ideas are not appreciated, this can hurt more than usual. You should also be avoid making empty promises or letting your ego and pride speak for you. Humor in the spoken language may also increase during this time.

Negatively, Mercury in Leo may lose its rational objectivity and start to act in an ego-centric way. People may use words simply to please others as opposed to shining a light on the truth. Try not to fixate on ideas. You or people around you may have a low tolerance for criticism. Intellectual arrogance and incomprehensibility may also increase. Try not to be peremptory since you do not have a say on the rights of the people. In fact, try to defend equality. You may also need to interact with people who speak dramatically just to get an empty applause. If you find yourselves irritated by such behavior, leave the room, do not pick a fight or get arrogant just like them.

In this period, try to express your own truth, you may not get an applause but at least you won’t be betraying your own ego and self image. In the same way, if you speak only for applause and appreciation, you may soon become disillusioned and disappointed.

Lastly, everyday language may turn into positive and sincere energy. Stay away from arrogance and pride. Use this transit to give joy to people with your words. Be sincere, talk from the heart. Try to pick up a new hobby and spend time with the children around you. More importantly, get in touch with the child in you. Check your natal charts for Leo’s placement. Mercury’s travel in that area will focus your mind on that specific aspects of your personal life. Everyone will experience this transit differently under different aspects and placements. You can have a consultation about Mercury’s travel in Leo and how will it effect you personally.

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