Transit Mercury in Gemini

The planet of communication, Mercury is entering Gemini on the 21st of May. It will travel in Gemini until the 5th of June. Mercury rules matters of communication, travel, decisions, abilities and intelligence. Since Mercury rules Gemini, this transit will bring out the best and strongest features of the sign.

In this period, correspondence and communication will be very fast. Your mind can work quickly and you may tend to speak rapidly. Your skills of communication may improve. Flow of information can be very important. Mercury in Gemini tends to share an abundant amount of information regardless of its necessity. During this period, you may want to start an education/ go back to school and/or take short trips. You may also become more friendly and start having small talks with many people. Your decisions will also be subject to rapid changes. Shopping, trades and areas related to marketing will thrive. It is also a great time to start learning a new language. 

You may also realize that your thinking process has become unstable. You may change your mind about anything within a day or two. Your decision making can be quite fast but subject to rapid changes. Since Mercury rules intellect, your emotions may remain in the background during this period. Gemini is quite superficial and and foreign to deep thoughts or subjects. During this time, you may not be able to see the big picture. Instead, you are may be more concerned with details. Try to focus on your own mental needs rather than the process of others.

You may learn many things in this period and have great talks with open minded people. Watch Gemini’s placement in your natal chart. That area will be affected by Mercury throughout this 3 week period. You may have a consultation on Mercury’s travel in Gemini and learn its effects on your personal life.

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