Transit Mercury in Cancer

The planet of communication and self expression, Mercury will be traveling in Cancer until the 27th of June, then it will enter Leo and start to retrograde there. It will be back in Cancer between the 19th of July and the 12th of August. In these periods, all communications might become very emotional.

Mercury is about the mind, thinking, expression, learning, marketing, electronics. Cancer, on the other hand, rules emotions, motherhood, family, domestic issues, houses and roots. When Mercury enters Cancer, it will blend with its emotional energy. It is time to think before you speak. Past memories can be remembered more than usual. You may talk about the past, review past experiences. You may also avoid expressing yourself openly. Cancers generally shut down when they get hurt. Try to understand and emphatize with loved ones. Words can sound very childish and needy. Your mind can work in a traditional and conservative way, you may not want to decide on something new, instead you can use the old information.

Mercury symbolizes sales and marketing, you can deal with your properties and see real estate agents. If transit Mercury’s aspects are supportive, it is a good time to sell or rent your property while Mercury is in Cancer. You can buy electronic goods for your house and repair your electronics. Mercury is about learning so in this period, you may read and learn about motherhood, children, home decoration, domestic works and different cuisines. It’s very positive for you to learn the history of your roots. Try reminiscing with elder family members. 

Use this transit to talk about how you feel, listen to other people’s feelings and needs. Empathy is the key word for this period, get in touch with your true feelings and speak with them, you can communicate easily. Check your natal charts for Cancer placement. Mercury will travel in that area and your mind will focus on that area in your personal life. Every person will experience this transit differently under different aspects and placements. You can have a consultation about Mercury’s travel in Cancer and how will it effect you personally.

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