Transit Mars in Libra

The planet of action, Mars is entering Libra on the 4th of October. It will keep travelling in Libra until the 19th of November. Mars will be travelling through its opposite sign in Libra, which will make the planet uncomfortable since it rules action, anger, sex drive, tensions, struggles, surgeries, wars, battles and the way we fight. When the action planet Mars enters its opposite sign Libra, its energy will resemble Libra’s traits, which are mostly incompatible with the nature of Mars as Libra rules matters of partnerships, relationships, balance, justice, harmony, beauty and aesthetics. 

In this period, the action in our lives will be stifled by Libra’s notorious indecisiveness. While taking action, you may find it hard to choose sides. Since Mars is associated with fighting and creating battle fields, such battles may take place in all partnerships. As a natural fighter, Mars will not be able to embrace its energy within the territory of Libra, the ultimate mediator. Since Libra is the sign of peace, harmony and love, the self-indulgent Mars, the ruler of ”me-centric” Aries, will lose its momentum. Consequently, conflicts, tensions and struggles regarding partnerships, marriages and rivals may arise. The indecisiveness associated with Libra will be magnified as Mars will surely want to fight. Although you may struggle with making decisions, Mars will keep you from asking your partner’s opinion. The actions you take during this period may fall under the scope of the themes ruled by Libra. You may find yourselves fighting for your rights or to see justice done. You may bring a lawsuit against your spouse or business partner. You may also face problems arising from selfishness in any kind of relationship. It will be good for you to socialize and embrace the air-sign Libra’s traits. The volume of social interactions may rapidly increase, which may bring you some release -but be careful not to get into fights with your friends and loved ones.

Watch your relationships with your spouses, intimate partners and business associates as this energy may easily lead to tensions and power struggles. You may be tempted to solve problems by arguing. Be careful with the words you use since Mercury -the planet of communication will be travelling in Scorpio. If you hurt your significant other, bigger problems may follow. Try to stay calm and choose your words carefully when you get into an argument. Try communicating with your loved ones in a mild manner instead of using harsh language to end a discussion. Do not hide your true feelings or solid facts just to avoid explosions. Since Libra also rules matters of art, beauty and aesthetics, you may easily create battle fields in those areas as well. If you want to redecorate your house, think twice before you act. You may encounter difficulties regarding a new art project with the people in that field. 

In medical astrology, Libra rules the kidneys, the waist and the lower abdomen. If you have chronic issues with these areas in your body, you will benefit from seeing a specialist or having a general check-up. If Mars’ travel falls within the area of health in your personal chart, you will need to be extra cautious. If you have a natal Moon or other natal planets in Libra, stay alert as Mars will trigger all of them. If you are considering having a cosmetic surgery, this is not a good time to do so since Libra also rules aesthetics and physical beauty. You will likely not be happy with any major changes to your physical appearance during this period.  . 

Check your natal charts and find out which house in your personal chart is ruled by Libra since this area of your life will be directly affected by Mars’ travel. If you have natal planets in Libra, then their interaction with Mars will be highly significant for you. You would certainly benefit from a consultation regarding Mars’ travel in Libra, which would allow you to know more about how this specific trend will affect your life and how you can protect yourself against its negative effects. 

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