Transit Mars in Leo

The planet of action, Mars is entering Leo on the 2nd of July. It will keep traveling in Leo until August 18. Mars represents action, anger, sex drive, tensions, struggles, wars, battles and how we fight. When Mars enters a fire element like Leo, its energy will resemble Leo’s main traits.

In this period, your anger and actions might come out in an egotistical way. Mars can push you to fight for your status and visibility. Leo’s energy symbolizes, ego, luxury, showing off, fun, joy, children, pride, leadership, arrogance and generosity. Conflicts, tensions and struggles regarding to those issues may occur. Your plans of action might contain the themes of Leo and you may need to interact more with your children. During this period, you may also start fighting more for recognition. You may decide to show yourself off and in order to do that, you may have to fight for things. You may start acting a little pretentious or focus on how to be assertive. Leo’s energy is also about love. In this period, you can fight to search for true love itself. You can get more courageous about matters of the heart. Leo also rules creativity and artistic tendencies. Hence, this transit may push you to get more in touch with your artistic side, which could prove highly beneficial for you especially if you are in a creative field. Your productivity can certainly increase if you are working on a creative project during this period. Even if you are not in the field, you may benefit from taking on an artistic interest or a project. Try to see plays, movies and musicals. You can also feel good and powerful at sporting events or during your exercise. Feed your own ego and try to find yourself an enjoyable hobby. 

Negatively, because Leo is a fixed sign, you can become more stubborn which can be problematic for the people around you. You actions can come out in an egotistical way and your battles may revolve solely around you. Avoid picking fights to feed your ego and watch your relationship with your children. Do not fight with them to assert power, which could prove  Try to stay calm and listen to your caring side. Also, be careful about your love affairs as you may encounter some difficulties in that area when it comes to matters of the ego. Mars also rules the sex drive, fun and battles. So be extra careful when communicating with your partner ans avoid fights that are fueled by pride and ego. Instead, focus on the enjoyable energy.

In medical astrology, Leo represents the heart. Watch your heart. Do not harm it with ego and pride. You may also want to arrange a check up with a cardiologist and get an examination of your veins, especially if you have chronic illnesses regarding the circulatory system. Negatively, in this period, you may hear news about heart attacks or heart episodes. Drink plenty of water and stay away from very hot weather and stress. Try to get in touch with your artistic side as much as possible. 

Check your natal chart and find out which house in your chart is ruled by Leo, since this area of your life will be affected by Mars’s energy. If you have natal planets in Leo, then their interaction with other transiting planets will be highly significant for you. You would certainly benefit from a consultation regarding Mars’s travel in Leo, which would allow you to know more about how this specific trend will affect your life and how you can protect yourself against its negative effects.

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