Transit Mars in Cancer

The planet of action, Mars is entering Cancer on the 16th of May. It will keep travelling in Cancer until the 2nd of July. Mars is not quite comfortable in Cancer as it rules action, anger, sex drive, tensions, struggles, wars, battles and how we fight. So when Mars, the action planet enters a water element like Cancer, its energy will resemble Cancer’s (emotional, domestic, sensitive- submissive) main traits that are mostly incompatible with the nature of Mars. 

In this period, your anger and actions might come out in a passive aggressive way. Emotional exploitation can increase. Since Mars is associated with fighting and creating a battle field, such battles can take the form of emotional and inner wars while Mars is travelling in Cancer. Cancer rules family, motherhood, home and security. Hence, conflicts, tensions and struggles regarding family may occur. Your plans of action might contain the themes of Cancer. You may need to deal with house repairs and/or spend a lot of time and energy on your relationship with your mother. You may need to confront your emotions and focus on your inner security. You may also get in touch with water and long to swim during this time. This can make you feel good and take away some of the tension as you would be releasing this energy back to the water. 

Negatively, watch your relationship with your mother since this transit can lead to tension and power battles. Also, there can be arguments within the family as regards emotional issues. Try to stay calm and think twice before you act. It would be wise not to repress issues, which would likely to result in a stronger explosion. Try communicating with your loved ones in a mild manner instead of avoiding problems. Instead of displaying histrionic behavior, try to explain yourself. Your home security will also be very important at this time, watch out for home robberies. If you are planning on moving during this transit, be careful with your furniture and valuables. Cancer also brings the past into your attention, therefore, you may be confronted with issues related to your family’s past that can upset you.

In medical astrology, Cancer represents the stomach. Watch out for what you eat as instances of food poisoning can increase during this time. The chest area and breasts can also be at risk. Likely problems that may arise during a Mars transit in Cancer are gastric bleeding, stomachaches, chest pains and operations related to the stomach. 

In this period, check your natal chart and find out which house in your chart is ruled by Cancer since this area of your life will be affected by Mars. If you also have natal planets in Cancer, then their interaction with other transiting planets will be highly significant for you. You would certainly benefit from a consultation regarding Mars’s travel in Cancer, which would allow you to know more about how this specific trend will affect your life and how you can protect yourself against its negative effects. 

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