Transit Jupiter in Capricorn

The planet of luck, abundance and expansion, Jupiter will enter Capricorn on December 2nd. It will travel in Capricorn until the 19th of December 2020. Jupiter’s last travel in Capricorn was in 2008. 

Jupiter is about optimism, philosophy, luck, healing, expansion, financial gains, profits, risks, abundance, exaggeration and opportunity. Jupiter’s position in your natal chart may bring luck and expansion to that specific area of your lives. Check your natal charts to see which house is ruled by Capricorn, which will witness improvement, expansion and growth. 

Capricorn is about accomplishment, goals, hard-work, responsibilities, ambition, perfection, traditions, missions, practical approaches, authority, self-discipline and self-respect.

In this period, you will feel an extra motivation to focus on your goals. You can keep your feet on the ground, figure out your plans and act on them. You can realize your strengths and true worth. You will have the perseverance and ambition to move forward. While Jupiter tempts to you indulge, Capricorn sets rules and restricts. These two influences contrast rather than complement. During this transit, you may either loosen up or strengthen the rules you have set for yourself more than ever. It can be a good time to start or expand your business. Your work oriented goals can be fully realized and achieved. Relationships with authority figures may expand as well. The positive aspects within this transit may help your relationships with authority figures. The negative ones, on the other hand, may put more strain on your dealings with authorities. If you are willing to take risks pertinent to business, act carefully and come up with a good plan. This is a good time to set some ground rules.

Medically, if you have problems with your teeth, bones, skin and knees, you may find healthy treatments and start a new medication. Negatively, if you have serious problems with those areas, Jupiter may expand them, too. It is a good idea to make an appointments with a specialist. 

With Jupiter’s expansive energy, Capricorn’s negative influences may also intensify. Do not divorce yourselves from emotions. Harsh rules can create devastation in relationships. Do not forget that Jupiter can expand anything, both the good and the bad. Consider pros and cons carefully if you are starting an initiation. It will be good for you to orient your energy properly and determine the risks. 

Focus on what you want to expand. Jupiter can help you magnify what you already have. It can create new opportunities depending on where it is located on your personal charts. Be smart and use this energy to make the most of it. Check your natal charts and find out which house is ruled and covered by Capricorn. That area that will be under the influence of Jupiter for one year. If you have natal planets in Capricorn, those planets will be effected, too. Jupiter’s transit in Capricorn may also intensify ambition. Do not let it consume you. Be careful with that! Transiting Jupiter will also help you learn and improve the area of your life that is ruled by Capricorn. Try not to miss new opportunities, or be aware of what you already have. You can have a private consultation about Jupiter’s travel in Capricorn.

Yorum Yaz