Solar Eclipse in Cancer

There will be a Solar Eclipse on July 2nd in Cancer at 10 degrees. Solar Eclipses are very powerful New Moons, which effect nearly your whole year. You may start feeling the effects of this eclipse from the beginning of June and it will continue to influence you the next month as well. Cancer’s energy symbolizes motherhood, children, pregnancy, home, security and family, so these themes may be on your mind under the influence of this eclipse. 

Solar Eclipses open new paths that can come up unexpectedly. Cancer/Capricorn eclipses, which started last Summer, and went on until January 2019 may enlighten you.  Look back to that period of time and think about what you were dealing with. If you started something new around last July, it can open a new door for you now related to the same idea. 

Themes such ad pregnancy, family, children and security will be at forefront. You may be moving to a new house or dealing with your home security. You may buy a new house or even sell your house. You may be expecting a child, or you may hear news about pregnancy in general. You may also be preparing to get pregnant and dealing with your nutrition routine. Try to empathize with others to improve your maternal instincts even if an actual birth is not on the table. Care for the children around you, care for your family or try to foster an animal. You can even try to nourish your inner child. Spend time with your loved ones try to get a deeper appreciation for the concept of caring. If life opens you a new door, try to embrace it no matter what. Cancer’s energy is about the state of belonging, have some place or someone that belongs with you. Try to refresh your memories from the past and reminisce as much as you can. Try to learn from your mistakes in the past and embrace them with kindness and humility.

In medical astrology, Cancer rules the chest, rib cage, spleen, stomach and breasts. These areas can be sensitive around the eclipse. Watch your nutrition routine and try not to force your stomach to avoid gastric problems as well. It is now a good idea to have a full-body scan or an annual check-up especially around the area of breasts and the chest. If you have long-standing or chronic problems with those areas, you may also start a medication under medical advisement. Cancer’s 10th degree symbolizes the fundus of stomach and your gastric veins. Take special care to those areas. Cancer also rules genetic illnesses. It is basically a good idea to have a yearly check up. 

Around the eclipse, there will be a tough aspect between Mercury and Uranus, you may make a sudden decision. Try to go through the usual process first. Because we are currently in the shadow of Mercury retrograde period, it is good to think before you act. Check your natal charts and find out which area of your life is ruled by Cancer. This area of your life will be directly affected by this Solar Eclipse. Everyone will experience the Eclipse’s effect differently. If you have a natal planet around the 10th degree of Cancer or Capricorn, then you may feel the effects of this eclipse intensely. For some of you, it can be harsh, for some of you, it can be surprising. You can learn more about this Eclipse’s energy and how it will effect your life by contacting us for a private consultation.

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