New Moon in Virgo

There will be a New Moon in Virgo at 6 degrees. New Moons bring new energies, and this particular new moon will be the most supportive one for this year. Virgo rules work, the analytical mind, sense of servitude, organization, cleaning, planning and perfection. Mars, Venus and Mercury will accompany this New Moon. This is a great energy and a period for starting something new or even starting over. You may feel the effects of this New Moon for the first two weeks of September as well. 

In this period, you may start cleaning your house before the Autumn comes. You can hire a cleaning crew for help around house and your office. It’s a great time for you to give away some clothes as it will relax you to get rid of stuff you no longer have a use for. You will need this purification it does not only start with the soul, a material cleanse can be equally helpful. During this period, you can easily save yourself from anything unnecessary in your life. 

It is also time for you to plan your day-to-day chores and analyze your work. You may choose to hire assistants or start a new job. If you want to work, you can apply for a new position or start searching for new opportunities. This is a great energy for you to get in touch with your colleagues. You can arrange meetings and prepare presentations. Virgo’s energy also rules pets. You can understand better the importance of pets or the animals around you. 

Virgo’s energy will also bring attention to issues related to general health and body. It is a great time to start detoxing and dieting. If you want to lose or gain weight, you may consider consulting a dietitian. You can find yourself a new sport to keep your body in shape. You may want to join a gym to get fitter and healthier. The 6th degree of Virgo rules the colons. If you had, in the past, experienced problems with your intestines and/or abdomen, this would be a good time to see a doctor and start medication if necessary.¬†

All of the major transiting planets, Venus, Mars and Mercury are currently in Virgo. This will officially be a Virgo period. You may not feel in touch with your emotions during this period since your focus will be on tasks, plans and details in your life. With Venus also in effect, this is a great time to make plans about boosting your income. With Mars, you can easily take action. Uranus will help the New Moon for surprise beginnings, it can also help you to create new comfort zones. Check your natal chart to see which area is ruled by Virgo, that area will be effected by this supportive New Moon. 

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