New Moon in Scorpio

There will be a New Moon in Scorpio at 4 degrees on October 28th. New Moons typically create new energies and aid initiations. This New Moon will be a tough and strong one. You will likely feel the energy of this New Moon within the 5 day period before and after its occurrence.

Scorpio rules matters of re-birth, crisis, death, psychology, mysticism, sexual energy, transformations, shared finances and debts. This New Moon’s energy may bring  issues pertinent to partnerships and relationships to surface since its ruler Mars will be travelling in Libra. Normally, Mars in Libra tends to fight for establishing balance in any kind of relationship, but here it will have pressure from Saturn. Transiting Mars may have a hard time bringing stability and consequent difficulty making decisions. You may find yourselves in arguments with your significant other or business partner. You may need to take more responsibility than usual in an effort to ease this energy. Frustrations in relationships may arise as a result of deeply hidden desires coming to surface. Your defensive attitude may sharpen your blades and create tough arguments. Try to handle situations with determination and remain reasonable. If you act in a self-centered manner, problems with your relationships will likely arise. Scorpio rules secrets as well. With this New Moon, you may start a new relationship you do not share with others or commit adultery. You may experience problems even if you are not monogamous. Watch out for the imminent Mercury retrograde in Scorpio starting at the end of October since it has the potential to reveal secrets and mysterious private thoughts. 

You may also need to deal with depressing and nerve-wrecking issues. Such matters may include health problems with your loved ones, surgeries, death or the birth of a new family member. Scorpio is associated with intense mental energy, thus you would benefit from seeing a mental health professional. With the New Moon’s energy, you may be drawn to the mystical or to groups engaged in such practices. Shared finances and debts may also be on your agenda. Be careful if you are applying for a loan or any kind of financial sponsorship. Since Mercury is about to go retrograde in Scorpio, you may have difficulty meeting payment deadlines. This is not a great time to apply for a bank loan or borrow many from acquaintances as Saturn’s influence in this trend may burden you with additional restrictions. Try to manage your shared resources. 

Most importantly, Uranus will be opposing the New Moon. Uranus triggers unexpected news and shock waves. As the the planet of individuality, freedom, society and technology, Uranus has a unique energy. Try to be flexible and get ready for the unexpected. Uranus is currently travelling in Taurus. When the New Moon arrives, Uranus’ involvement may hit you hard, and catch you by surprise. If you are deeply attached to your comfort, Uranus may force you to get out of such comfort zones. If you act in a possessive manner toward your loved ones, this New Moon may force you to let go. In contrast, if you feel like you are being stifled by your significant other, you may break free or demand more freedom. You may also find yourself in a position where you need to restructure your credits or debts suddenly under this energy. Uranus symbolizes technology, society and humanity at large. You may also engage with technological developments or be drawn to societal or humanitarian action.

In medical astrology, Scorpio is associated with the reproductive organs. The 4th degree of Scorpio, in particular, rules testicles and the uterus. If you have chronic issues or general problems with these areas of your body, you will benefit from seeing a specialist. Mars- the ruler of this New Moon is currently travelling in Libra, which rules the lower abdomen, waists and kidneys. You may need to pay closer attention to these organs as they will be more susceptible to harm than usual. If you have a spontaneous sexual experience during this period, you must use protection to avoid STDs or unplanned pregnancy. These organs can be particularly vulnerable if the New Moon falls in the areas of your natal chart, which represent your health and well-being. 

New Moons radiate supportive energies for new initiations, but this one is complicated. It will occur right before the stationary period of Mercury. If you plant seeds during this time, these initiations may come to a sudden and unexpected end. Try to use this energy to improve your relationships and transform them. Be open and get out of your comfort zones. Try to communicate openly as opposed to being secretive. Empower yourself by accepting that change is the sole constant is our lives. Try to be courageous toward big changes and the circle of life. Check your natal charts to see which area in your chart is ruled by Scorpio as that area will be heavily affected by this New Moon. If you have natal planets near 4 degrees of Scorpio or Taurus, then you will intensely feel the energy of this New Moon. If you have natal planets near 4 degrees of any of the fixed signs or near 15 degrees of the cardinal signs, this particular New Moon may have a great impact on your life. You can always set up a private consultation to understand the personal effects of this New Moon. 

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