New Moon in Sagittarius

There will be a New moon in Sagittarius at 4 degrees on November 26th. New Moons typically create new energies and aid initiations. This New Moon is very supportive toward new beginnings. You will likely feel the intense energy of this New Moon within the 5 day period before and after its occurrence. 

Sagittarius rules matters of philosophy, religion, belief, international relations, academia, long distance travel, higher education, legal matters, sense of justice and rights. New Moon’s ruler Jupiter is in Sagittarius, on the Galactic Center degree, which means it will help us to make the most of the opportunity that is presented to us. With this energy, you may start taking courses, go for a new degree, or travel overseas. Anything with the possibility of expanding your horizons will be a present for you. It is also a good time to resolve legal matters, or take a dispute to court. The asteroid Chiron will also support the New Moon, reminding us not to give up on your dreams and take what we deserve. 

Mercury has turned direct about a week ago, so you may now act on your ideas and take new initiatives. Focus on the greater questions about life itself, and strengthen and practice your beliefs. Try to spend more time with your loved ones and socialize with friends. Sagittarius is all about freedom and enjoying life. Under this energy, you may find the courage to let go of partners who pressure or manipulate you. Use the New Moon’s energy to break free and start your new journey. The opposition between Mars and Uranus can help you with such matters as well. Mars will oppose Uranus very close to this New Moon, this aspect can bring sudden, unexpected news. Watch out for your temper! Anger management will play a key role in your decisions since this energy may result in harsh accidents. Your financial shares can also be on your mind due to a sudden break up. Be careful and protect your interests.  

In medical astrology, Sagittarius is associated with the femur, pelvic bones, leg muscles and the liver. If you have chronic issues or general problems with these areas of your body, you will surely benefit from seeing a specialist. The exact degrees of the New Moon and its rulers will hit the leg muscles and femurs. You may benefit greatly its from a massage or starting a new exercise routine. Sagittarius is associated with muscle vitality, so consider starting a new activity and get stronger! 

New Moons radiate supportive energies for new initiations, you must use this energy for a new beginning. If you plant seeds during this time, these initiations can grow strongly since Jupiter is in Sagittarius, right at the Galactic Center. Try to take some time for travel, reading and conducting research. Satisfy your curiosity! Enjoy life, and embrace your spiritual side. Be free, if you feel like you are not, then find the courage break free. Pay attention to your deep desires. The Sagittarius energy will give you the motivation to do what you exactly believe in without worrying about the consequences. Check your natal charts to see which area in your chart is ruled by Sagittarius as that area will be heavily affected by this New Moon. If you have natal planets in fire signs around 4 and 28 degrees, then this New Moon will come bearing extra gifts! You can always set up a private consultation to understand the personal effects of this New Moon. 

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