New Moon in Libra

There will be a New Moon in Libra at 5 degrees on September 28th. New Moons typically create new energies, and aid initiations. You can strongly feel the energy of New Moons within the 5 day-period before and after its occurrence.  

Libra rules matters of partnerships, relationships, balance, justice, harmony, beauty and aesthetics. This New Moon’s energy may bring to surface issues of partnerships and relationships. You may start a new romantic relationship or decide to form a business partnership with a friend. This energy is highly supportive for romantic commitments such as marriage or engagements. This new moon will also boost matters related to art, beauty and aesthetics. You may decide to take on an art project or engage with a new creative field.  As the sign of beauty and aesthetics, a Libra new moon may encourage you take an interest in your own looks and style. You may be tempted to follow new trends in fashion and shop for clothing and accessories. It is a great time for a makeover so do not be afraid of going to a beauty salon. 

Another area ruled by Libra is matters related to justice and rights. Be mindful of your own rights and try to be just an fair in your personal and professional dealings. Libra promotes balance in all aspects of life. Hence, you will benefit from following your sense of  justice and playing the mediator. Trying to bring balance and harmony to the world, Libra does not boost the positions of any side in a conflict so you will need to speak up for yourself. Otherwise, you may feel restricted.

New Moon’s ruler planet Venus will be traveling in Libra, and an odd interaction will occur between Venus and Pluto. The asteroid Chiron will accompany the New Moon, which may bring your attention to a problem or an obstacle with regard to a one-on-one relationship. With Chiron in the picture, you may feel hurt. However, compromise will be key to finding lasting solutions to your problems and healing your wounds. This energy may also rekindle pain you had dealt with in the past, the way to heal will be to focus on the real problem. The energy between Mercury and Pluto will help you get a new perspective. It may seem hard to face painful memories from your past, however, you will feel stronger and happier tackling these matters through compromise and change.

In medical astrology, Libra rules kidneys, the waist and lower abdomen. If you have chronic issues with these areas of your body, you will benefit from seeing a specialist or a having a general check-up. New Moon’s exact degree rules pubis.  Libra’s ruler Venus, on the other hand, will be on the point that rules kidney arteries and fatty capsule of kidneys. These areas can be vulnerable especially if the New Moon falls in the areas of your natal chart, which represent your health and well-being. 

New Moons radiate supportive energies for new initiations. If you sow seeds during this time, you will reap the fruits shortly. Try to use this energy to improve your relationships. Try to communicate openly and socialize with your loved ones. Check your natal charts to see which area in your chart is ruled by Libra as that area will be heavily affected by this New Moon. If you have natal planets near 5 degrees of Libra or Aries, then you will intensely feel the energy of this New Moon. You can always set up a private consultation to understand the personal effects of this New Moon. 

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