New Moon in Gemini

There will be a New Moon in Gemini at 12 degrees on the 3rd of June. New Moons carry new energies and start new periods. You can feel the New Moon’s energy throughout this week. It is good to start new ventures with this energy.

Gemini is related to areas such as communication, education, travel, marketing and information. New Moon’s energy can initiate developments regarding Gemini issues. You may be traveling or you may start a new business through social media, websites or online platforms. You can start a new trade or start a new marketing campaign. You may be starting to learn something new. Information and communication will be the key points for this New Moon. Try to share information as much as possible. Contact with people and socialize with people around you. The ruler of the New Moon, Mercury is also traveling in Gemini. Communication will gain high importance. Your mental power can be quite high. It can be hard to focus on only one thing. You may be dealing with many things at once. Your thoughts and ideas could be inconsistent, try to share your ideas and evaluate all experiences. Listen to other people’s ideas and try to find solutions to your problems. Neptune’s challenging energy may cause delusions. Do not believe what you hear immediately. Try to evaluate and listen carefully.

In medical astrology, Mercury rules respiratory system, neural system, fingers, hands and arms. Pay attention to neural illnesses. New Moon’s 12th degree symbolizes tracheotomy, pulmonary, rheumatic fever. Also Mercury is in affect, its 27 degree symbolizes fingers. Take care of your fingers, hands and arms. If you have problems with these organs, you can get help from a doctor to start a treatment. 

Gemini’s energy is about humans. It does not stay away from people. Get in touch with friends, learn new things, share information and speak. Check your natal charts, find where Gemini is, that area will be effected from the New Moon. Every one will experience New Moon’s effect differently. For some people, it can be difficult, for some it can be very enjoyable. You can learn more about the New Moon’s energy and how it will effect your life by contacting us for a private consultation. 

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