Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio

The planet of communication and self-expression, Mercury will retrograde in Scorpio between October 31st and November 20th. This period is called Mercury Retrograde and it occurs three times in one year. This is the last one for 2019.

Mercury will retrograde in Scorpio. Watch your tongue and try not to be too sharp, edgy or vengeful. Try to explain yourself in a calm manner and do not rely on privacy as secrets will likely come out during this time. Since Scorpio also rules credits and loans, this is certainly not the time to apply for bank loans or seek financial sponsorship. Scorpio is associated with shared finances, thus, keep an eye out on joint accounts and jointly held assets. This is a good time to make advance payments, restructure your debts and pay close attention to your finances. If you are keeping secrets pertinent to financial matters from your partners, such secrets may be revealed. You may be emotionally fragile and obsess over certain aspects from your past. If you experience sexual problems with your partner or spouse, try to communicate openly. Instead of letting emotions or pride overwhelm you, process this energy to move on to a better chapter. Mercury Retrograde is a wonderful period that reminds us all to slow down a little. It is a great time to review, re-do, re-read and re-analyze. You can use this energy to focus on untapped, unspoken, and postponed issues from your past and resolve them once and for all. You can also use this energy to your benefit by thinking and planning instead of taking bold actions. 

Mercury rules the mind, communication, decisions, electronics, travel, education, contracts, shopping and meetings. When Mercury goes retrograde, there can be some problems in the areas that are ruled by Mercury. In this period, confusion in matters of communication may arise, especially when Mercury is retrograding in Scorpio since the sign boosts sharp mind and secrets. Misunderstandings or miscommunications may occur frequently. Problems relevant to electronics may increase significantly. You may encounter problems with your mobile phones and computers. Mercury also rules travel. Be extra careful with delays and/or cancellations and try to give yourself some time to avoid rushing.  Suitcases or important items like passports or other IDs may be misplaced. Be sure to double check your train, bus and plane times and schedules. Try to keep your valuables on your person at all times. 

In this period, you may run into or hear from old friends and lovers. People from your past may suddenly come back to your life. You may have to deal with thoughts and deep emotions from your past since it will retrograde in a water element. You may have to confront unsettled issues. Even if you don’t want to deal with them, they may cross your path nonetheless. It is actually a great time to go back, review and reminisce. 

Since Mercury rules your mind and decision making processes, it is not beneficial for you to sign any contracts or make new commitments. Getting married, buying or selling a house or starting a new business venture during this time may cause significant problems in the near future. When Mercury goes back to its direct motion, these agreements can be broken or may become problematic. If you decide to get married or start a new business, it is highly possible that once Mercury goes direct in about 3 weeks, the terms of such contracts may change and create personal or professional issues. In this period, you should also pay attention while shopping online. You may not be satisfied with what you have purchased. Whatever you decide to purchase may not be delivered on time or you may end up with the wrong product. You may also realize that the goods you purchase at a high price are being sold at a much more reasonable price after the Mercury Retro process is over. If you are planing to apply for a job or having a job interview, these proposals or negotiations may be affected by the retrograde period. Mercury is also the ruler of all communications. While the planet is in retrograde, try to pay extra attention to the messages and emails you send, as these will also be affected by Mercury. The flow of information may also become highly confusing and your meetings and appointments might be postponed as a result. 

When Mercury is in retrograde, take care of your daily work and review your work from the past months. Make plans but do not take action. You can of course complete your existing projects and put them on the right path. Focus on the projects and ideas you have already begun working on. In this period, you may be inclined to go into deep thought and analyze your mistakes. This way you can review all of your past decisions. You can also question what you are and are not doing. This period will slow down certain aspects of your life. Lean into it and slow things down yourself. Avoid taking on new responsibilities or taking new steps forward. It is best to act on big plans and projects after November 20th.

Check your natal charts and see where the area between the 27th – 11th degree of Scorpio fall on your personal charts as that area will be affected by this retrograde period. If you have natal planets between those degrees, you may feel the retrograde intensely. Check which houses in your chart are ruled by Scorpio. If you have Scorpio placements, then you need to stay calm and start to re-evaluate your dealings. You may have a private consultation for this retrograde period and learn how will it effect you personally.

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