Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn

There will be a Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn at 24 degrees on the 17th of July. Lunar Eclipses are considered as very powerful Full Moons. They usually lead to results as regards initiatives that were taken earlier that year and bring culminations. This Lunar Eclipse may either bring you answers to certain questions that had been on your mind or lead to culminations that catch you by surprise. If your awareness is high, then this period may easily pass you by. If that is not the case for you, then this eclipse may come with certain hardships. Capricorn rules matters related to career, business, authority figures, goals, parents and status. The Moon in Cancer will oppose this eclipse, which will also point your attention toward matters that are ruled by Cancer such as home, motherhood, family, children and security.   

This Eclipse will also carry the energy of Pluto and Saturn. Pluto represents transformation, death, birth, rebirth and power. Saturn, on the other hand, is the planet of responsibility, discipline and stability. The energy of Saturn can put you under pressure and  make you feel powerless as it is the ruler of karmic energies. During this Eclipse, these strong planets also interact with the South Node -another karmic force that teaches us to let go. The South Node represents certain character traits we are born with. In contrast, the North Node is a karmic point that symbolizes the character traits we need to cultivate in order to become the best version of ourselves. In order to satisfy our karmic cycles, we all need to cultivate abilities and traits that are represented by the placement of our North Nodes. During this Eclipse, these blended energies may help you understand what you need to accomplish and which lessons you need to learn to complete this journey. Since this Lunar Eclipse interacts with the South Node, you will most likely deal with a loss or be forced to let something go in order to transform to a new energy. Somethings need to end to make way for better things. This process can be quite hard for you if you have not reached the level of maturity necessary to handle such changes. As the disciplinarian of Zodiac, Saturn is the planet associated with maturity. It can teach such lessons in a hard way. If you are ready and willing to burn bridges and let old habits die, this eclipse will help you achieve that. If you are strong enough to let go of the useless energy that is bringing you down, hard as it may be, this Eclipse will be highly beneficial for you.   

In this period, you may also be dealing with a new business opportunity, or thinking about quitting your job. You may be meeting with authority figures within your field. Either way, try not to take a brand new initiative as Mercury will be retrograding until the end of July. Try to plan and review all the things, and start your initiations after 2 August. With this energy your status may also change. Since the Moon in Cancer will oppose Pluto, you may need to face certain changes about your family. You may be moving to a new house or going into a new path away from your family. You may also experience some sort of crisis about a member of your family, elder ones in particular. 

The ruler of the Eclipse, Saturn is also in retrograde. Venus will oppose the ruler, which may create some tensions about financial issues from the past. You can also face some restrictions about money during this time and may need to arrange your budget accordingly. Venus also rules relationships and love. Combined with Capricorn’s energy, you may find a solid foundation regarding your personal relationships. This energy, however, does not tolerate or support unrealistic or overly romantic moves. So with this energy, you may not feel the love strongly, which may lead to problems with romantic relationships. This eclipse can also be a breaking point for many relationships. Positively, if you are willing to take the responsibility of any relationship, you may build a solid foundation. It is, however, not a good time to start a new relationship (romantic or financial) or get married since Mercury is still retrograding. 

In medical astrology, Capricorn rules, the bones, teeth, skin, joints and knees. These areas can be sensitive around the eclipse. Take care of your skin. You may also arrange a dental appointment for a usual check-up. Capricorn’s 24th degree represents femur and tibia. Protect your bones. Also the Moon will oppose from the 24th degree which represents blood vessels of your digestive organs. Be careful about what you are eating and do not force your stomach and your digestive system. Be careful if you are doing sports. Try not to force yourself to avoid joint injuries.

Think back to last winter. What were you dealing with ? What was on your agenda? With the help of this Lunar Eclipse, you may resolve what you were dealing with back then. You will surely reach a culmination as regards these issues. Be okay with letting go of the useless energy. Check your natal charts and find out which area in your chart is ruled by Capricorn. Saturn is already forcing you to create a solid foundation for that area since the end of 2017. If you have a natal planet around 24 degrees of Capricorn, then you may feel the effects of this eclipse very intensely. For some of you, it can be harsh, for some it can be transformative and powerful. You can have a consultation about this Eclipse and how it will effect your personal life. Contact us for a  consultation. 

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