Full Moon in Taurus

There will be a Full Moon at 19 degrees in Taurus on November 12th. Full Moons generally bring closures, culminations and completions. This energy will be in effect -/+ 5 days of the Full Moon. Taurus rules matters of financial stability, pleasure, strength, peace and comfort. 

During this period, stability and financial issues will be on your mind, and you may want to figure out a new way to consolidate your finances. Focus on your strengths and try to be in a peaceful environment. It is a great time for you to spend more time on activities that bring you pleasure and joy. Try to get in touch with nature, take up gardening, cooking or give yourself to other earthly pleasures. You may also feel more attached to your comfort zones. 

Mercury is still retrograding in Scorpio so it can effect you intensely since the Full Moon will be opposing Mercury. Old debts may knock on your door. If you want to strengthen your personal relationships, try to resolve issues you may have neglected in the past. As Mercury will retrograde in Scorpio -the sign of secrets, a few of your own private thoughts may be revealed. The Full Moon’s ruler Venus will be traveling in Sagittarius, which makes it a great time to travel with friends and/or partners. Try to focus on deeper, philosophical thoughts and grasp the big picture by feeling life and true joy. While the full moon’s energy is in effect, Neptune will form a harsh energy with Venus, which may feed dangerous delusions. Watch out for deceit and try to focus on tangible facts. Since Mercury will be in the middle of its retrograde movement, you may also encounter misunderstandings or be hurt by miscommunication. Watch out for signs of deception and try to be as precise and clear as possible. During this energy, you may also feel nostalgic and romantic. Try to embrace these feelings by taking a vacation with your significant other, and make the most of your heightened sexual energy. 

Saturn will be highly supportive to this Full Moon. As the planet of stability, success, discipline and responsibility, Saturn may help you feel more secure and comfortable with your choices. Have confidence in your decisions pertinent to business and finances to create determination and stability. Saturn will give you the ground. The Full Moon will support any action you may take in an effort to create financial security, strengthen personal relationships and increase comfort. If you remain calm and be patient while climbing up the stairs, you will have the success and comfort you seek at the end. 

In medical astrology, Taurus rules the neck and throat area. Be careful toward throat infections or larynx sensitivity, and be gentle with your vocal cords and tonsils. Try to avoid getting a cold, which could last longer than usual and try to express yourself as much as possible. Take good care of your throat. The 19th degree of Taurus rules the goiter. If you have problems with these areas, it is a great time to see a specialist.

In this period, it is better for you to review finances, rethink and resolve issues from the past. Focusing on earthly pleasures and consolidating comfort zones will give you joy. If you feel like you do not identify with comfort zones like home, financial security or committed relationships, it is a great time to deal with problems you may have repressed and heal your subconscious. Check your natal charts to see which house in your chart is ruled by Taurus since this area will be particularly effected by this Full Moon’s energy. If you have natal planets around 19 degrees of the fixed signs, this Full Moon may effect you more than others. If you have natal planets in any of the earth signs, this energy may have a positive impact on your life. You can always have a private consultation about the Full Moon and learn its very personal effects on you.

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