Full Moon in Scorpio

There will be a Full Moon in Scorpio at 27 degrees on the 18th of May. Full Moons bring closures. If you are waiting for any situation to come to a conclusion or if you are looking for an answer, then this Full Moon’s energy (plus and minus 5 days), will give you the answer you are looking for. Scorpio Full Moons are generally about financial issues, passion, crises, death, birth, rebirth, phycological issues and mysteries. These themes can be on your agenda with the energy of this Full Moon. 

Full Moon’s ruling planet Mars is traveling in Cancer. So, your family or your mother will likely be on your mind. Cancer is about security, family, motherhood and emotional issues. You may experience a closure regarding one of these aspects. Your emotions might run very high, also your sexual vitality could be increased since Scorpio also rules sexuality. You may be confronted by your inner fears, deal with issues such as internal power struggles, death and deep emotions. Scorpio is associated with power. When this Full Moon’s energy is in the air, try to strengthen yourself. Another area of life Scorpio represents is financial relationships, you may have to deal with debts, loans and credits. Try to review your financial history. Scorpio is the sign of transformation. Try to change and transform the things you do not like or the things you feel insecure about.

In medical astrology, Scorpio represents the reproductive system, ovaries, uterus and the urinary system. These areas can be effected by the Full Moon or such systems might become vulnerable. Since the Sun will be in Taurus, the throat and neck area can become sensitive as well. The exact 27 degrees in both Scorpio and Taurus represents anus, deltoid muscles and main neck muscles in medical astrology. If you experience discomfort around these areas of your body, you may start treatments. 

If you have anything in your life that needs, clarification, this Full Moon can help you achieve that. In your natal charts, the Full Moon will hit the area where Scorpio is located, so that area will be effected. This area of life will be revealed based on your natal charts. Also watch any planets near 27 degrees of Scorpio in your natal chart. These may carry an important massage for you. You may have a consultation about this Full Moon and learn its personal effects for you. 

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