Full Moon in Sagittarius

There will be a Full Moon in Sagittarius at 25 degrees. The energy of Sagittarius is about expansion, fortune, optimism, international relations, international vacations, philosophy, cultures, religion, universities, education, academic relations, justice and rights. Full Moons generally bring closures. While we are under the energy of full moons, we feel like certain situations and aspects in our lives get resolved, reach completion and we get results. In order to start something new, we first need to close a door. 

This Full Moon can also bring a culmination to an initiative you have taken in December.  You may start a new education, decide to go back to school or complete a project or paper you have been working on at school. You may also travel overseas or apply for a visa for international relocation. This Full Moon is ruled by Jupiter, which is currently retrograding in Sagittarius. Under this full moon’s energy, Jupiter will form a hard angle to Neptune. The same aspect between Jupiter and Neptune had also occurred in mid-January, and is going to repeat itself in September. This aspect will bring big dreams and aspirations to your attention. The ruler of fortune and expansion, Jupiter’s interaction with Neptune -the ruler of dreams and ideals creates an unfortunate aspect that will not be a sweet one. Deception, deceit and misunderstandings may occur in an intense fashion. This energy may result in disappointments as regards dreams that lack a solid foundation. This aspect may also prevent you from grasping crucial facts and blur reality. You should not take action on matters that are not sufficiently clear. Review your decisions. If you did not think through or plan clearly on matters that had risen around last January, then this energy may crush you. If you are planing to start something new with this Full Moon’s energy, then please be careful and create a solid foundation for that big dream. 

If you want to use this energy positively, enrich your imagination. Focus on your artistic side. Try to listen to your intuition. Discover your spiritual power and your connection to the universe. Travel as much as you can, have the courage to see the truth and deal with facts. Search and wonder around! 

In medical astrology, Sagittarius rules the liver, hips, femur and pituitary. Pay attention to your muscular system as well. Full Moon’s 25 degrees symbolizes condyles of femurs, nervous debility and gout. The Moon’s placement around the Full Moon will also effect Gemini at 25 degrees, which symbolizes radius and wrist bones. Be careful about those areas as well. In addition, the ruler will be in contact with Neptune as well. Watch the ex-tensor muscles of your toes and be careful about poisoning. You may be starting a medical treatment. Listen to your doctors carefully and do not deal with any illnesses by yourself without being sufficiently informed. 

Sagittarius’ energy is about the universe, philosophy of life and your conception to the world. Travel and learn as much as you can. Walk around in nature and examine the connections and power within people. Sagittarius is also about having fun and optimism. Laugh as much as you can. Use this energy to enjoy life and choose to focus on things that bring you true happiness. Check your natal charts and find out which area of your life is ruled by Sagittarius. This area of life will be directly affected by this Full Moon. Everyone will experience the Full Moon’s effect differently. If you have a natal planet around 25 and 19 degrees of Sagittarius or Gemini, then you will feel the effects of this Full Moon intensely. For some, this Full Moon can be quite difficult, for others this aspect may turn out highly enjoyable. You can learn more about this Full Moon’s energy and how it will effect your life by contacting us for a private consultation.        

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