Full Moon in Pisces

There will be a Full Moon at 21 degrees in Pisces on the 14th of September. Full Moons generally bring closures, culminations and completions. This Full Moon will be in effect -/+ 5 days. Neptune, the ruler of Pisces, will accompany this Full Moon. Pisces rules matters of the soul. It symbolizes emotions, sacrifice, devotion, addictions, creativity and dreams. 

In this period, you may feel very emotional. Watch out for any delusion and deception since Neptune will accompany the Full Moon. Neptune may create an environment where the reality and the big picture are impossible to comprehend. You may want to move away from reality, and get lost in dreams and fantasies. During this full moon’s energy, the Sun will be travelling in Virgo, which rules the realistic and rational mind. Hence, you must put extra effort in balancing dreams and reality as well as sacrifice and self- respect. It is a great time to be creatively productive. You may greatly benefit from exposing yourself to music, literature, cinema or any other artistic field. You may also become more interested in metaphysics and the evolution of the soul. Engaging with drama series, soap operas and romantic fiction may bring you great pleasure. Romance will also be in the air for you, you may find yourself planning grand gestures for your loved ones, which may reignite passions in romantic relationships. Pisces also rules the universal love. During this period, first and foremost, try to love and take care of yourself. It is a great time to start yoga or meditation to feed the soul. 

Mars will oppose the ruler of the Full Moon, Neptune. Moreover, both Neptune and Jupiter will be in tough positions. Watch out for confusions, and do not believe anything without a thorough examination. You may also have secrets that you keep from others or secrets that are kept from you. With that in mind, watch out for disappointments in life. Focus on your dreams but do not get carried away and detached from reality. Try not to use your addictions as an escape, and do not turn yourself into a victim. Mars’s opposition with Neptune may exhaust you. You may feel powerless and feel a compulsion to get away from reality. Medically, this energy may result in cases of poisoning. Take advantage of the Sun’s current travel in Virgo and take care of your immune system. Pisces’ energy also manifests as allergic reactions, thus, be careful about the things you eat and come in contact with. In medical astrology, pisces rules the feet. If you have chronic problems with your feet, it is a good time to see a specialist. 

In this period, try to feel the real love within yourself. It can be good for you to deal with creative energy. Bodies of water, seasides, lakes and oceans may have an extraordinary healing effect on you. Check your natal chart to see which house in your chart is ruled by Pisces since this area will be effected primarily by this Full Moon. If you have natal planets around 21 degrees in mutable signs, this full moon may affect you more than others. If you have natal planets in water elements, this full moon may have a positive impact on your life. You can always have a private consultation about the Full Moon and learn its very personal effects on you. 

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