Full Moon in Gemini

There will be a Full Moon at 19 degrees in Gemini on the 12th of December. Full Moons generally bring closures, culminations and completions. This is the last Full Moon of 2019. This Full Moon’s effect will be most apparent during the -/+ 5 days before and after its occurrence. Gemini rules matters of communication, travel, education, press, mental activity, broadcasting, changeability and skills pertinent to such areas of life.

In this period, you may decide to travel, take part in more social events, take a new course or become more inquisitive and resourceful. Gemini also fuels the energy associated with sales and marketing. If you are working in a field related to marketing, sales or advertisement, you may wrap up a marketing campaign or finalize a deal with a client. As Gemini boosts all forms of correspondence, you may find yourselves in frequent meetings taking place face-to-face, through the phone, or via email. You may also choose to engage with any activity to earn a new skill or improve your existing skill set. This is a good time become more communicative, and to focus on skills pertinent communication.

The Full Moon’s ruler, Mercury will be in Sagittarius, so a travel overseas may be on your mind. You may be dealing with a series of processes to acquire a visa or a residence permit. You may also be inclined to learn a foreign language. Try not to be judgmental in your communications with others and be wary of such attitudes. Fanatical behavior in any area of your lives may get you in trouble. Try to see the big picture and do not dismiss points of view that are different from your own.

The placement of Neptune, Saturn and Pluto while the energy of this Full Moon is in effect, may force you to make substantial changes. Neptune may cloud certain facts and prevent you from making an informed decision. Do your best not to fall for delusions. Do your research before making an important decision to avoid disappointments.

With Saturn and Pluto also in effect, you may have to transform a certain aspect of your life and implement structural changes. Do not fight or resist change, try to be adaptable and go with the flow. Certain relationships or financial matters may reach long-awaited culminations. You may have to spend more money then you think, or adjust your perspective to understand a situation in its entirety and to resolve an issue. Either way, use Gemini’s energy properly, double-check the facts, and adapt quickly if it is in your best interest.

Medically, Gemini rules hands, fingers, arms and the respiratory tract. These areas can be sensitive while the Full Moon is in effect. Gemini has a hard time focusing only on one thing, which may make you slightly absent-minded, and cause a few minor accidents. Watch out for your fingers, hands and arms. Alternatively, if you have a speech impediment, or a problem expressing yourselves clearly, this is a great time to take proactive steps to remedy these issues. If you have a long-standing medical problem with any of the areas ruled by Gemini, this is the time to visit a specialist. 

In this period, try to socialize with others, keep it light and enjoy your time, read a good book, move on with your research and collect information. You may highly benefit from taking an interest in societal issues or support humanitarian causes. Check your natal charts to see which house in your chart is ruled by Gemini since that area will be effected primarily by this Full Moon. If you have natal planets around 19 degrees in mutable signs, this full moon may affect you more than others. If you have natal planets in any of the air elements, this full moon may have a positive and flowing impact on your life. You can always have a private consultation about the Full Moon and learn its very personal effects on you. 

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