Full Moon in Aries

There will be a Full Moon at 20 degrees in Aries on the 13th of September. Full Moons generally bring closures, culminations and completions. This energy will be in effect -/+ 5 days of the Full Moon. Aries rules matters of action. It symbolizes speed, new initiations, tensions, sports, self-centered attitudes and fights.

In this period, the actions of all sorts will be at forefront. You may have a tendency to start something new and expect gains as fast as possible. Be careful to think before you act. Aries urges you to be in the front lines and take charge. Natural-born leaders come from Aries energy. They generally tend to walk in front and by themselves. Under the influence of such a dominant and assertive energy, you may find yourselves in tense situations or can be the one who creates such struggles. Aries also symbolizes wars and battles. Any battle environment is likely to arise from impulsive and provocative decisions. You may, however, benefit from such an energy by working out more or engaging in competitive sports. Throwing yourself in physical activity may help you to reduce the harsh affects of this trend. 

Pluto’s position to this Full Moon will harden the effects of the Full Moon. It will surely create some sort of pressure in the area of your personal chart the Pluto is concerned with. You will be open to manipulation or you can be the one distorting certain facts. Pluto is currently travelling in Capricorn. Thus, areas ruled by this sign such business and financial matters may come under siege if you are not careful. Authority figures associated with Pluto may also put pressure on you to toughen you up. If you are willing to reevaluate and transform, then Pluto will help you willingly. In contrast, if you exhibit impulsive or needlessly dominant behavior and act without thinking, you may greatly damage your business or finances. Mars, the ruler of Aries, will be travelling in Libra, which can help you find the balance you need. Mars, the planet of war, may be fighting for peace and harmony under Libra’s energy. However, as Mars’s energy is not compatible with the strong features of Libra, this transit may also bring instability and difficulty in making decisions. You may find yourselves in arguments with your significant order or business partner. If you are open to detect the problems and transform them for the better, then you will surely find the peace you have been seeking. If you act in a self-centered manner, problems with your relationships will likely arise. At the time of this Full Moon, Venus will oppose Uranus, which can bring some unexpected news pertinent to relationships or finances. Whatever the surprise may be, remain calm, and think before you take an impulsive action. This energy means to teach you about handling pressure. Hence, be careful not to restrict your loved ones. As Venus is travelling in Scorpio you may tend to act possessive and exhaust your partners, Uranus on the other hand will promote a strong individualistic energy. You will find the courage to defend your freedom with the help of this Full Moon. 

Also, the great benefactor Jupiter will aid the overall outlook of this Full Moon by raising new opportunities. Use them wisely. Jupiter acts like a magnifying glass. If you create a harsh battle, Jupiter will magnify the effects of this struggle as well. You will be open to taking risks and making new investments with Jupiter’s help. It is better for you to take on new endeavors after the opposition energy of Venus-Uranus subsides. Use Jupiter’s energy to travel, engage with trade or to seek justice. Medically, Aries rules, the head. Watch out for head aches, migraines, injuries to your face. Do not instigate or get in to a physical fight. The 20th degree of Aries specifically rules the cheek and eye muscles. If you have a chronic issue with your head, eyes, nose, cheek, tongue or hair, then you can use the Full Moon’s energy to arrange an appointment with a specialist. 

In this period, it is better to dedicate some time to deeply think about yourself and engage with physical activities. Do not act or speak before you think. Try to nurture the leader within you in any area of you life. Focusing on yourself and taking care of your body will help you avoid harmful tensions or struggles. Check your natal charts to see which house in your chart is ruled by Aries since this area will be effected by the Full Moon. If you have natal planets around 20 degrees of the cardinal signs, this Full Moon may effect you more than others. If you have natal planets in the fire elements, this Full Moon may have a positive impact in your life. You can always have a private consultation about the Full Moon and learn its very personal effects on you.

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