Natal Chart Reading
Your natal chart (birth chart) is your fingerprint. It contains your character analysis, your one-on-one relationships, the type of characters you attract, your marriage and partnership potentials, your relationship with your parents, your roots, children and their potentials, your profession and your financial gains, individual points of luck as well as the points that hold you back in life and how you can break free from such restraints. It tells you all of your strengths and weaknesses and how to use them in your favour. What is your purpose in life? What is it that your soul wants to achieve and where are you going in this life? You may learn all the answers to those questions. The consultation lasts for about an hour and a half. Natal charts are created with the basis of the planets’ travel around the sun and their exact positions when you are born. Each of these charts are very personal and unique. When will you catch a lucky break that will create various opportunities, what are the challenges that are coming your way, which will aid your individual growth? If you want to change and transform your life, you need to know what the right actions are and when to take them. A natal chart reading will allow you to grasp what such transformative trends mean in your life and when to expect them.

Note: For the analysis of your birth chart, your birth date, your exact birth time and the place of birth are required. Average birth hours cannot be studied. If you do not know your exact birth time, you may have your exact birth time detected by rectification. Consultations can be carried out with the request of the client as Skype video chats, face time calls or on the phone.

Yearly Forecast 
This consultation gives you all the potential energies that will occur in the year ahead. It identifies big, radical changes and points to exact dates/times such shifts can be experienced. Every Full and New Moon, all Solar and Lunar Eclipses, all planet retrogrades in a year and how they will affect you will be explained to you in this consultation. It includes general comments and predictions by using all astrological prediction techniques such as solar returns, lunar returns, solar arcs, and progressions. You will have your foresight for one whole year. This consultation generally lasts for 90 minutes. At the very end of the consultation, you may ask any question in your mind and get all the answers according to your natal charts and transits. For this consultation, your birth date, exact birth time and place of birth are required. If you know your birth time approx., then you may have your exact birth time detected with rectification.

Note: If you have not had your natal chart interpreted prior to this consultation, the yearly forecast analysis cannot be done. If you have had a birth chart reading in any other place before, then you may only get the yearly forecast. If you choose to have two counselling sessions with us both the natal chart reading and yearly forecast, then the consultation lasts approx. 2.5-3 hours. Also, if you get a consultation for both your natal chart and yearly forecast, you will have a discount.

Synastry Chart Analysis
Synastry Charts are interpreted by a simultaneous reading of the natal charts of two different individuals. It provides inference on how these two people affect each other’s lives. These charts not only show your romantic journey with a potential or an existing partner, but also provide a comparative reading that can cover anyone who touches your life in a meaningful way such as close friends, parents and opponents/rivals. Try not to opt for the compatibility analysis if you can, which many people recommend. Based on the fact that people are not two-dimensional but four-cornered like puzzle pieces, they cannot be identified as compatible or incompatible in relationships. Your relationships evolve as your own journey carries on, such progressions enrich your own character and create new identities. Every person who passes through your life has something to add to it. Synastry charts also help you to understand such bonds. It is very important to understand why a certain individual came into your life and which energies brought them to you. All of the possible courses that relationship can take as well as the journey of this relationship itself can be predicted through the interpretation of synastry and composite charts. This counselling lasts up to 1 and a half hour.
Note: For an accurate synastry chart analysis, you should be able to provide the birth dates, exact birth times and birth places of both individuals in question. Consultations can be carried out with the request of the client as Skype video chats, face time calls or on the phone.

It is necessary for you to know your exact birth time so that you can get an accurate consultancy on your natal chart and yearly forecast. If you do not know your exact time of birth, then you can ask for birth time detection, which is called rectification. For this, you should provide an approximate time span for your time of birth (give or take 3-4 hours). Then you will have to identify the exact dates of certain critical events that have taken place in your life. With the use of certain astrological techniques and short studies, which will occur in the form of a Q&A, we can calculate your exact time of birth.

Note: If you do not know your exact birth date and/or the year you were born, unfortunately, we will not be able to provide any of these consultations for you. Rectification can only be used for the calculation of your exact time of birth.