Astrology examines the effect of planet energies on the lives and experiences of human beings. This discipline has never been associated with fortune telling. Interpretations cannot be carried out with feelings, instincts or any form of what certain practitioners would call ‘supernatural powers.’ The basis of astrological interpretations rely on the birth charts (natal charts). There are billions of possible combinations within an individual natal chart; which depend on the positions and locations of the planets and the aspects they create with each other. A proper analogy for a natal chart would be a fingerprint or your genetic code. It is all-unique to you. The zodiac sign, which is determined by your birthday, cannot describe you completely. It can only point to highly generic characteristics of an individual.

Taking into account the fact that there are only 12 zodiac signs, categorizing people through those would mean that there were only 12 types of people around the globe –which is a common misconception since everyone is completely unique within astrology. Unfortunately, this view has been the basis of all negative judgement against astrology, including its non-existent link to fortune telling. Many around the world see the daily, weekly, monthly horoscopes as popular culture and consume such content as entertainment, however, it is important to point out that these so-called predictions have nothing to do with this highly complex discipline. Astrology is so much more than your monthly horoscopes. Daily, weekly or monthly horoscopes, for instance, are not able to take into account your unique zodiac sequence or the position of the transiting planets and aspects they create with your own natal chart. Hence, these writings generally divide people into 12 categories while making generic and mostly incorrect predictions. (A common mistake would be to claim that just because Jupiter is travelling in Sagittarius throughout 2019, people who belong to this Zodiac sign will be very lucky! Unfortunately, making such a prediction is impossible since yearly, monthly or weekly horoscopes cannot take into account where Jupiter is travelling on your natal chart or how it will affect your personal natal sequence. Consequently, such false ‘readings’ can turn minor crises into calamitous situations.) Yes! Monthly, weekly or daily horoscopes are pleasant and fun to read but do not reflect the facts in your personal life at all. However, you can find out and understand certain possibilities in your personal life and take action accordingly by having your own natal chart and general planet transits interpreted. We are here to help you!
Astrology respects your will; there is nothing you cannot change with the power of your will. With the help of an astrological reading, all the energy flows such as upcoming challenges or certain aspects that can be highly beneficial for you can be predicted. Your will to act combined with such individual readings can give you the power to have what you desire the most. If you choose to go with the flow and not use your own will, then the potential energy flows that emerge in your natal chart will take charge over your life, which may make you feel powerless. At this point, knowing and understanding all the difficulties, challenges, problems, chances and positive, lucky aspects in your natal chart will give you more power. Understanding the energy flow, which is created by the interactions of the transiting planets with your own personal natal chart will influence your will power and give you strength throughout certain hardships we all need to go through in order to grow as individuals. Such transits or astrological trends show us which aspect of your life is most likely to be affected and how you can use such flows to your benefit. It is certainly possible to use both the positive and negative trends in your favour. You may have this power by having your natal chart and transiting planets interpreted by us.